Calculating minus sum? Probably just pi.

We have seen people ask this question online quite a bit. The reason is simple, there is a SUM function in Excel. But is there also an

Excel for marketers

Did you know that Microsoft Excel has over 500 functions at your disposal? These functions make Microsoft Excel useful as an analytical tool for almost any industry.

Learn Excel quick with bite-sized learning.

Sometimes you’re just strapped for time. You may be applying for jobs and looking for a quick CV boost. Or you might need to learn Excel fast

Curious cat

In this article, I’m going to walk you through a couple of Excel exercises that are perfect for beginners. We will slowly ramp up the difficulty from

Stop sign to tell you to stop using Vlookup

A lot of us are familiar with this function. You could even make a case that it’s the most (in)famous Excel function out there: Vlookup. The Vlookup

Old man

In this short video, I'll tell you how to calculate ​someone's age based on a date of birth and how you may be doing it wrong right

Learn how to use Excel without the mouse

To go from a beginner or intermediate Excel level and become a master, you will need to improve your speed. One of the quickest ways to greatly

Piggy Bank

​Many people use Excel as a tool to keep up with their personal finances. In this video I show you how you can ​create a spreadsheet ​where

Another type of date ;)

What’s up with dates and times in Excel? What is a serial number? And what does the date January 1st, 1900 have to do with it? Today,

Looking up values like with Index and Match to replace VLookup.

Check out the video below ​to learn how to ​use Match and Index to replace Vlookup in Excel. Video Video summary We're going to look at replacing