Calculate Age in Excel – You might be doing it wrong

In this short video, I’ll tell you how to calculate ​someone’s age based on a date of birth and how you may be doing it wrong right now.

​Once you realize that ​age is just the difference in years between a date of birth and the current date, it becomes easy to do. Check the video for the complete explanation.



The formula to calculate age ends up being:

​=DATEDIF(Date of birth, TODAY(), “y”)

​Pretty simple, huh?

​How many days old are you?

You can use other arguments instead of “y” to also calculate how many months and days someone is old. For example:

=DATEDIF(4/29/2020, TODAY(), “ym”)

will return the number of months since this person’s last birthday. So if your birthday is ​​January 1st and it is currently ​February 1st, this will return 1.

You can combine this to calculate age in years + months. For example, if the date of birth is in cell A1:

=”You are ” & DATEDIF(A​1, ​TODAY(), “y”) & ” years and ” & DATEDIF(A1, ​TODAY(), “ym”) & ” months old.”

This will return something like: You are 28 years and 3 months old.

You can even add the number of days in there, using “md” as third argument! We’ll leave that up to you 😉

We hope you learned something today. It’s really quite easy to calculate always up-to-date ages in Excel. ​​If there are any other subjects you’d like us to cover, let us know in the comments.

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