Advanced Excel lesson

You know most of the ins and outs of Excel. You’re using it to create reports and automate things for yourself or your work. But there is still one thing that you haven’t been able to get into: Visual Basic. Welcome to the advanced lesson on Excel. We’ll be introducing you to the world of … Read more

Intermediate Excel lesson

You know your way around Excel. You may already be using it to create reports for yourself or your work. But when you get past the beginner stage you also start to see something else: all of the things that you don’t know about Excel. We’re here to fill you in on any gaps of … Read more

Absolute beginners Excel lesson

You’ve opened Excel a couple of times. You’ve seen others use it to great effect. And now, it is your time to start on your path to becoming the Excel guru of the office. Welcome to the absolute beginners lesson on Excel. To be honest, this isn’t just one lesson. It is a group of … Read more