Practicing and, or, and if

This one’s an opportunity to practice your IFs, ANDs and ORs. You may find yourself combining these functions when you require more complex conditions. This exercise mimics a case like that so you can see how you fare.

In the below exercise, there is a column filled with quantities. We want to create a formula that will return Yes when the quantity is between 16 (including 16 itself) and 29 (including 29 itself). It should also return Yes when the quantity is above 55 (excluding 55 itself). Any other value should make the formula return No.

Use the formula in cell range D2:D8. Good luck!

Spreadsheet editor
Good work. The if function is a really important one in Excel. Knowing how to combine it with the other logical functions can really help increase the number of different things you can make in Excel.

Note: The IF function works slightly different in our spreadsheet editor than it does in Excel. The difference being that the equals operator (=) should be replaced by a double equals sign (==) to work in the above spreadsheet editor. You can solve the exercise without using the equals operator though.

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