The CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function retrieves a specified property of a member in a cube. This function is useful when working with multidimensional data analysis and OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) cubes in Excel.


=CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY(Connection, Member_Expression, Property)

Connection A text string specifying the connection to the cube.
Member_Expression A text string or reference to a cell containing the member expression to extract the property from.
Property A text string representing the specific property of the member to retrieve.


When delving into the complexities of multidimensional data analysis and tapping into the wealth of insights stored within OLAP cubes, the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function emerges as a key player in Excel. By employing this function, users can effortlessly access and extract specific properties of cube members to fuel their analytical endeavors and decision-making processes effectively. The function acts as a bridge to unlock vital information hidden within the intricate structures of OLAP cubes, facilitating seamless data retrieval and analysis within Excel's familiar environment.


Suppose you are analyzing sales data from an OLAP cube and you want to retrieve the name of a specific product category. If the connection is established and the member expression for the product category is stored in cell A1, you can use the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function like this: =CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY("SalesCubeConnection", A1, "Name")

In a finance scenario where you are exploring profit margins across different regions stored in the cube, you can utilize the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function to fetch the profit margin property for a specific region. If the connection is specified and the region member expression is in cell B1, the formula would look like: =CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY("FinanceCubeConnection", B1, "Profit Margin")


What are some common properties that can be retrieved using the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function?

Common properties that can be retrieved include Name, Unique Name, Member Value, Parent Unique Name, Member Key, and Display Info. These properties provide valuable insights into the cube structure and the relationships between different members.

Can the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function be used to retrieve properties of calculated members in an OLAP cube?

Yes, the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function can be used to access properties of both regular and calculated members within an OLAP cube. It offers flexibility in extracting essential details regardless of the member's type or origin.

Does the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function support dynamic member expressions?

Yes, the CUBEMEMBERPROPERTY function supports dynamic member expressions by referencing cells containing the member expression. This feature allows for dynamic querying of cube properties based on changing criteria or user inputs.

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