The Excel ISNOTERROR function: making your own formula

You may be wondering: does Excel have an ISNOTERROR function? The short answer is no. However, don’t lose hope! We can make our own, and it’s very easy.

So there is no ISNOTERROR Excel formula, but there is an ISERROR function. This function returns whether something is an error or not. If it’s an error, the Iserror function will return TRUE. If it is not an error, the function will return FALSE.

Knowing this may be enough for you to create a function that basically does the opposite. An Isnoterror function.

If you’re not sure how to do it yet, you can always look at the answer to the exercise by clicking on Show answer in the top right corner of the spreadsheet editor below.

The exercise is complete if you can get a formula in cell D3 that will return if there is not an error in cell B3. Good luck!

Spreadsheet editor
Well done! Keep up the good work.

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