The MINIFS function returns the smallest numeric value in a range that meet multiple criteria.


=MINIFS(Min_range, Criteria_range1, Criteria1, [Criteria_range2, Criteria2, ...])

Min_range The range of cells containing numeric values from which you want to find the smallest value.
Criteria_range1 The range where you want to apply the first criteria.
Criteria1 The criteria that determines which cells in Criteria_range1 to include in the evaluation.
Criteria_range2 (Optional) Additional ranges and criteria that you can specify to further filter the data.


When you have multiple criteria and need to locate the smallest numeric value that satisfies all of them, MINIFS Excel function comes to the rescue. This function proves handy in scenarios where you want to pinpoint the minimum value from a specified range based on specific conditions or criteria that need to be met simultaneously. It's like finding the smallest needle in a haystack, but with precise filtering capabilities to zero in on the target value swiftly and accurately. You can think of it as a 'conditional minimum finder' tailored to cater to your multi-condition needs and preferences in Excel computations.


Imagine you have a dataset with columns containing sales amounts, regions, and product categories. You want to find the smallest sales value for products sold in the 'North' region in the 'Electronics' category. The MINIFS formula to achieve this could be like this: =MINIFS(Sales_column, Region_column, 'North', Category_column, 'Electronics')

Consider a scenario where you have a list of students' scores in different subjects. You wish to identify the lowest score for a student named 'Alice' in either Math or English. The MINIFS function can assist in this case: =MINIFS(Scores_column, Student_column, 'Alice', Subject_column, 'Math', Subject_column, 'English')


How does the MINIFS function differ from the MIN function in Excel?

The MINIFS function allows you to specify multiple criteria based on which to find the smallest value, whereas the MIN function simply returns the smallest value from a given range without considering any criteria.

Can I use the MINIFS function with text criteria?

Yes, you can use text criteria in the MINIFS function. The function is versatile and can handle various types of criteria, including text, numbers, logical values, and more.

Is it possible to combine MINIFS with other functions in Excel?

Absolutely! You can combine the MINIFS function with other functions like SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS, MAXIFS, etc., to create more advanced and customized calculations that suit your specific analytic needs.

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