The JIS function converts a text string from full-width (double-byte) characters to half-width (single-byte) characters in Japanese encoding. This function is useful for manipulating text in Japanese language that may contain mixed character types.



text The text string containing characters to convert from full-width to half-width.

About JIS

When dealing with text manipulation tasks involving Japanese characters in Excel, the JIS function proves to be a handy tool for transitioning between full-width and half-width character formats. In scenarios where textual content displays mixing of double-byte and single-byte characters, this function streamlines the conversion process, ensuring uniformity throughout the dataset. By implementing JIS, you effortlessly transform the input text from full-width to half-width to align with your desired formatting requirements, enhancing the visual consistency of Japanese language data in Excel spreadsheets.


Suppose you have a cell containing the text '日本語ABCDEF'. To convert the full-width characters to half-width characters, you can use the JIS function as follows: =JIS(A1)

Consider a range of cells A1:A5 with mixed Japanese text inputs in both full-width and half-width formats. To convert all these texts to a uniform half-width style, apply the JIS function across the range: =JIS(A1:A5)


What type of characters does the JIS function primarily work with?

The JIS function is primarily designed to handle Japanese characters, converting text from full-width (double-byte) to half-width (single-byte) character sets within the context of Japanese language text processing.

Can the JIS function be beneficial for standardizing Japanese text formats in Excel?

Yes, the JIS function serves as a valuable asset for standardizing Japanese text formats by converting mixed full-width and half-width characters to a consistent half-width representation, aiding in the visual coherence of Japanese language data displays.

Is it possible to utilize the JIS function within Excel formulas for bulk text conversion tasks?

Certainly, the JIS function can be efficiently applied within Excel formulas to perform bulk conversions of Japanese text elements from full-width to half-width formats across specified cell ranges, easing the process of maintaining textual uniformity within datasets.

Related functions

JIS converts text from full-width to half-width within the context of Japanese text handling. For broader text manipulation tasks
functions like CLEAN
and SUBSTITUTE can aid in refining text contents. Additionally
functions like UPPER and LOWER can adjust text case
while LEFT
and MID facilitate substring extraction operations within text strings.