The ISO.CEILING function rounds a number up to the nearest integer or multiple of significance based on the ISO standard. This function is useful for financial calculations and compliance with certain international standards that require specific rounding rules.


=ISO.CEILING(number, significance)

number The number you want to round up.
significance The multiple to which you want to round up the number.


When precision in rounding numbers is vital, ISO.CEILING in Excel offers a dependable solution that aligns with international standards. By applying the ISO standard rounding rules, this function ensures compliance with specific requirements for rounding in financial contexts or other fields necessitating strict adherence to established guidelines. With ISO.CEILING, you can confidently round numbers up to the nearest multiple of significance, catering to diverse calculation needs with accuracy and consistency.


If you need to round the number 12.36 up to the nearest multiple of 5 based on the ISO standard, use the formula: =ISO.CEILING(12.36, 5). This will return 15.

For example, rounding 235.78 up to the nearest multiple of 50 according to ISO standards can be achieved by using the formula: =ISO.CEILING(235.78, 50). This will yield 250.


How does the ISO.CEILING function differ from the CEILING function in Excel?

While both functions are used for rounding numbers up, ISO.CEILING specifically adheres to the ISO standard for rounded values. The CEILING function in Excel uses standard arithmetic rounding rules, whereas ISO.CEILING follows the rounding guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

Can I use negative numbers with the ISO.CEILING function?

Yes, you can use negative numbers with the ISO.CEILING function. It will still round the number up to the nearest multiple of the specified significance, whether the input number is positive or negative.

What happens if the number is already a multiple of the significance in ISO.CEILING?

If the number provided is already a multiple of the significance, ISO.CEILING will return the number itself without any rounding adjustments. This ensures that only numbers needing rounding are affected by the function.

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