The IMLN function calculates the natural logarithm of the absolute value of a complex number. It is useful in mathematics and engineering applications where logarithmic calculations involving complex numbers are required.



ComplexNumber The complex number for which you want to calculate the natural logarithm.

About IMLN

When dealing with complex numbers and the need arises to determine the natural logarithm of the magnitude of such numbers, the IMLN function in Excel comes to your aid. This function operates efficiently, particularly in mathematical and engineering contexts where logarithmic computations involving complex values are essential for analysis and problem-solving. By utilizing IMLN, you can accurately assess the natural logarithm of the modulus of a complex number, providing valuable insights for calculations in diverse fields that involve complex arithmetic operations.


Suppose you have a complex number 3+4i, where i is the imaginary unit. To find the natural logarithm of the absolute value of this complex number, you would use the formula: =IMLN(3+4i).

If you need to calculate the natural logarithm of the magnitude of another complex number, for example, -2-6i, you would input the following formula: =IMLN(-2-6i).


What does the IMLN function return?

The IMLN function returns the natural logarithm of the absolute value of the input complex number as a real number.

Can the IMLN function handle complex numbers with both real and imaginary components?

Yes, the IMLN function can operate on complex numbers featuring both real and imaginary components. It calculates the natural logarithm of the magnitude of the complex number regardless of its components.

Are there any limitations to the types of complex numbers that can be used with the IMLN function?

The IMLN function is designed to work with Excel's representation of complex numbers. Ensure that the input complex number is formatted correctly when using the IMLN function. This includes denoting the imaginary unit correctly and ensuring proper formatting for real and imaginary components.

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