The HYPERLINK function creates a clickable hyperlink in a cell. It is used to direct users to a specific website, file, email address, or cell reference within the spreadsheet.


=HYPERLINK(link_location, [friendly_name])

link_location The address of the destination. This can be a URL file path email address or cell reference.
friendly_name (Optional) The text to display as the clickable hyperlink. If omitted the link_location will be displayed.


When you need to add interactivity to your Excel sheet, the HYPERLINK function comes to the rescue. It's like a digital signpost that guides users to different locations, be it on the internet, in a document, or even within the same workbook. With HYPERLINK, you can create dynamic navigation paths, enhancing the usability and accessibility of your spreadsheet by transforming text or cells into clickable links.


Link to a website: Suppose you want to create a hyperlink to www.example.com with the display text 'Visit Example'. The HYPERLINK formula would be: =HYPERLINK('http://www.example.com', 'Visit Example')

Link to a file: If you want to link to a PDF file named 'report.pdf' stored on your desktop, you can use: =HYPERLINK('C:/Users/YourUsername/Desktop/report.pdf', 'Report PDF')

Link within the spreadsheet: To link to cell A1 in Sheet2 of the same workbook with the displayed text 'Go to Sheet2', you can use: =HYPERLINK('#Sheet2!A1', 'Go to Sheet2')


Can HYPERLINK be used to link to email addresses?

Yes, HYPERLINK can be used to create clickable email links. Simply enter the email address as the link_location, and users can click on it to open their email client with a new message.

Can HYPERLINK be applied to multiple cells at once?

Unfortunately, HYPERLINK must be inserted into each cell individually where you want the hyperlink to appear. It does not automatically propagate to adjacent cells like regular data.

How can I remove a hyperlink created by the HYPERLINK function?

To remove a hyperlink, you can clear the cell contents or overwrite the cell with different data. Simply deleting the formula may not remove the hyperlink display.

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