The FLOOR.PRECISE function is used to round numbers down to the nearest specified multiple, ensuring that the result is always less than or equal to the original number. It is particularly handy for scenarios requiring precise downward rounding in calculations.


=FLOOR.PRECISE(number, significance)

number The numerical value you want to round down.
significance The multiple to which you want to round down the number.


When diving into the world of numeric operations in Excel and the need arises to truncate values to specific lower increments, FLOOR.PRECISE emerges as a reliable ally. Its primary function stands at precise downwards rounding, championing accuracy in computations that demand such refinement. The utility of FLOOR.PRECISE shines in scenarios where exactitude in downward rounding is imperative for the integrity of calculations or financial assessments. By leveraging this function, users can confidently ensure that values are consistently rounded down to the designated multiple, maintaining alignment with the desired granularity of results.


If you have a number 15.75 and you want to round it down to the nearest multiple of 5, you can use the FLOOR.PRECISE function like this: =FLOOR.PRECISE(15.75, 5). This will return 15, as it is the closest multiple of 5 that is less than or equal to 15.75.

For a number like 123.456 to be rounded down to the nearest hundred (100), you can employ the FLOOR.PRECISE function as follows: =FLOOR.PRECISE(123.456, 100). The result will be 100 since it is the nearest multiple of 100 that is less than or equal to 123.456.


Can the FLOOR.PRECISE function round numbers upwards?

No, the FLOOR.PRECISE function is specifically designed to round numbers down towards negative infinity. If you require upward rounding, you should consider utilizing a different function like CEILING.PRECISE in Excel.

How does the FLOOR.PRECISE function handle negative numbers?

When processing negative numbers with the FLOOR.PRECISE function, it retains its characteristic of rounding down towards negative infinity. The function ensures that the outcome remains less than or equal to the original negative value, in alignment with its operational principle.

Is the significance argument required in the FLOOR.PRECISE function?

Yes, the significance argument is mandatory in the FLOOR.PRECISE function. It dictates the interval to which the number should be rounded down. Omitting this argument can lead to inaccurate or unexpected results, underscoring the necessity of defining the rounding criteria for desired outcomes.

Can you combine the FLOOR.PRECISE function with other functions in Excel?

Certainly! The FLOOR.PRECISE function can be seamlessly integrated into various Excel formulas and calculations to achieve specific rounding requirements. Whether used in conjunction with mathematical operations, logical functions, or statistical analyses, FLOOR.PRECISE effectively contributes to meticulous numerical manipulations within Excel.

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