The FIXED function is used in Excel to format a number as text with a fixed number of decimal places. It is handy when you want to display numbers in a specific format, such as currency amounts or percentages.


=FIXED(number, decimals, no_commas)

number The number you want to format as text.
decimals The number of decimal places to display.
no_commas (Optional) A logical value that determines whether to include commas in the formatted text. Defaults to FALSE if omitted.


When you need to present numbers in a specific textual format, FIXED in Excel is your go-to function. It helps in displaying numerical values with precision, especially in scenarios where you want to showcase financial data, metrics, or percentages in a structured manner. FIXED is highly beneficial for formatting numbers consistently across reports and worksheets, ensuring clear communication of numerical information to stakeholders or team members. By defining the number of decimal places and specifying whether commas should be included, the FIXED function grants you control over the visual representation of numerical values in your Excel spreadsheet.


If you have a number 1234.5678 and you want to format it with 2 decimal places using FIXED, the formula would be: =FIXED(1234.5678, 2)

To format the number 9876.54321 with 4 decimal places and without commas using FIXED, you can use: =FIXED(9876.54321, 4, TRUE)


Can the FIXED function be used to format percentages?

Yes, you can utilize the FIXED function to format percentages by specifying the desired number of decimal places to display. It helps in presenting percentage values in a standardized format for better clarity and visual appeal.

Is it possible to include or exclude commas in the formatted text with the FIXED function?

Yes, you have the flexibility to include or exclude commas in the formatted text generated by the FIXED function. By adjusting the optional no_commas argument, you can control whether commas are inserted for readability in large numbers.

What happens if I input a non-numeric value for the number argument in the FIXED function?

If a non-numeric value is provided for the number argument in the FIXED function, Excel will return an error, as the function expects a numeric input to format. Make sure to enter valid numerical values when utilizing FIXED for number formatting.

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