The FINDB function is used to find the starting position of a specified substring within a text string. This function is handy for locating specific text within a larger body of text.


=FINDB(find_text, within_text, [start_num])

find_text The text you want to find within another text string.
within_text The text string in which you want to search for the 'find_text'.
start_num (Optional) The character position within 'within_text' to start the search. Defaults to 1 if omitted.


In the realm of text manipulation within Excel, the FINDB function emerges as a reliable tool for pinpointing specific text snippets within a larger textual segment. By inputting the text you wish to locate ('find_text') along with the target text where the search is conducted ('within_text'), FINDB returns the position of the first occurrence of 'find_text' within 'within_text'. Further flexibility is afforded by the optional 'start_num' argument, allowing you to specify a specific character position to initiate the search, thereby customizing the search process to your requirements.


Let's consider you have the text string 'Hello World, this is Excel!' and you want to find the position of the word 'World'. If the cell containing the text is A1, you can use the formula: =FINDB('World', A1)

Suppose you have the text 'Excel functions are super helpful!' and you want to find the position of the word 'super' starting from the 10th character. You can use the formula: =FINDB('super', A1, 10)


How does the FINDB function differ from the FIND function in Excel?

The main difference between FINDB and FIND lies in their treatment of text case. FINDB is case-sensitive, distinguishing between uppercase and lowercase characters, while the FIND function is case-insensitive and treats all text as the same regardless of case.

Can the FINDB function handle wildcard characters or patterns in the search text?

No, the FINDB function does not support the use of wildcard characters or patterns in the search text. It looks for an exact match of the specified 'find_text' within the 'within_text' string.

How can I extract a specific portion of text using the FINDB function?

To extract a specific portion of text using FINDB, you can combine it with other functions like MID or LEFT to extract the desired segment based on the position found by FINDB. For instance, you can use MID function in combination with FINDB to extract text after a specific word or character position.

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