The EUROCONVERT function converts a currency amount from one European currency to another based on the specified exchange rates.


=EUROCONVERT(Amount, Source_currency, Target_currency, [Full_precision])

Amount The amount to be converted.
Source_currency The starting European currency code.
Target_currency The European currency code to which Amount will be converted.
Full_precision (Optional) A logical value indicating whether full precision (TRUE) or rounded precision (FALSE) should be used. Defaults to FALSE if omitted.


When dealing with financial transactions involving different European currencies, turn to EUROCONVERT in Excel for seamless currency conversion. Whether you're involved in cross-border trade or managing international investments, this function simplifies the process of converting amounts accurately between Eurozone currencies, providing valuable insights into currency fluctuations and financial planning strategies. With EUROCONVERT, you can streamline currency conversion tasks and enhance financial decision-making by gaining a deeper understanding of the financial implications of transactions in varying Eurozone currencies. This function serves as a reliable tool for navigating the complexities of global finance and optimizing financial performance through informed currency exchange practices.


Suppose you have an amount of €500 in Euros and want to convert it to British Pounds (GBP) using an exchange rate of 0.85. The EUROCONVERT formula would be: =EUROCONVERT(500, "EUR", "GBP", FALSE)

If you need to convert €1000 to Swedish Krona (SEK) with an exchange rate of 10.25, and you want the result to show full precision, the EUROCONVERT formula would be: =EUROCONVERT(1000, "EUR", "SEK", TRUE)


How does the EUROCONVERT function facilitate currency conversion in Excel?

The EUROCONVERT function simplifies currency conversion by allowing users to specify the amount to convert and the corresponding source and target currency codes. It then utilizes the provided exchange rates to accurately convert the amount from one European currency to another, aiding in financial analysis and decision-making.

Can the EUROCONVERT function handle conversions between any European currency pair?

Yes, the EUROCONVERT function supports conversions between various European currencies by employing the corresponding exchange rates. By inputting the appropriate currency codes and amounts, users can convert between Eurozone currencies effectively within Excel.

What role does the [Full_precision] argument play in the EUROCONVERT function?

The optional [Full_precision] argument in the EUROCONVERT function determines whether the result should display full precision or rounded precision. By toggling this parameter, users can choose the level of detail in the converted currency amount, aligning with their presentation preferences or analytical needs.

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