The COTH function returns the hyperbolic cotangent of an angle. It is useful in trigonometric calculations and can be utilized in various mathematical and engineering scenarios.



number The angle in radians for which you want to calculate the hyperbolic cotangent.

About COTH

In the realm of trigonometry, the COTH function emerges as a valuable aid in computing the hyperbolic cotangent of an angle in radians. This function finds its application in diverse mathematical and engineering domains, providing a straightforward means of obtaining the hyperbolic cotangent without complex manual calculations or external tools. By simply inputting the desired angle in radians, you can swiftly acquire the hyperbolic cotangent value for use in subsequent calculations or analyses.


When dealing with an angle of 1.5 radians, the COTH formula would be: =COTH(1.5)

For an angle of 0.8 radians, the COTH formula would be: =COTH(0.8)


What is the purpose of the COTH function?

The COTH function serves the purpose of calculating the hyperbolic cotangent of an angle in radians. It simplifies trigonometric calculations and finds utility across various mathematical and engineering applications.

Can I use the COTH function with angles in degrees?

No, the COTH function operates specifically on angles in radians. Using degrees as input may lead to inaccurate results. Prior to utilizing the function, ensure that the input angle is appropriately converted to radians if it was initially provided in degrees.

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