The CONVERT function is used to convert a measurement from one unit to another within the same measurement system. It is particularly useful in engineering, science, and other fields where unit conversions are common.


=CONVERT(number, from_unit, to_unit)

number The value to be converted.
from_unit The original unit of measurement for the value.
to_unit The unit of measurement to which the value should be converted.


When you find yourself needing to convert measurements from one unit to another, the CONVERT function in Excel can be your go-to assistant. Whether it's converting lengths, weights, volumes, or any other type of measurement within the same measurement system, this function simplifies the process and ensures accuracy in your conversions. It caters to the needs of professionals in diverse fields, including engineering, physics, chemistry, and more, where precise unit conversions are essential for calculations and analyses.


Suppose you have a length measurement of 10 feet, and you need to convert it to meters. The CONVERT formula would be: =CONVERT(10, "ft", "m")

Imagine you have a pressure reading of 200 psi (pounds per square inch), and you want to convert it to kilopascals. The CONVERT formula would be: =CONVERT(200, "psi", "kPa")


Can the CONVERT function handle unit conversions for different measurement systems?

No, the CONVERT function is designed to handle unit conversions within the same measurement system. It does not support conversions between different measurement systems, such as converting length to volume or mass to energy.

Is it possible to convert between any units using the CONVERT function?

The CONVERT function supports a wide range of units within the same measurement system, but it may not cover every possible unit conversion. Ensure to consult Excel's documentation or resources for the list of supported units and their abbreviations.

What should I do if the unit abbreviation I'm using is not recognized by the CONVERT function?

If the unit abbreviation you're using is not recognized by the CONVERT function, double-check the spelling and format of the unit abbreviation. Ensure you're using the standard abbreviations accepted by Excel for the specific measurement system you're working with.

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and other unit conversion functions available in specialized add-ins or libraries for Excel.