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​Ultimately, getting good at Excel requires taking action

​If you have looked around the website and you like the ​concept of what you have seen here then the next move is to ​really do something with ​it​.

We​ believe that ​you don't have to be a technical genius to become a confident Excel user. And that it doesn't have to take years of searching the internet to do so.

Instead, you can get much better, much quicker when you learn using the following principles:

  • Bite sized learning (aka ​Microlearning): ​learning sessions of ​a​bout 5 to 10 minutes per subject.
  • Learn by doing​: you need to actually do something to know how it feels. ​We use exercises in an interactive spreadsheet editor for this.
  • No fuss: ​no long stories in lessons, no ​boring intros to videos and ​easy to search ​content.

We've set up ​our Excel training to follow these principles.

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