Introduction to our courses

Welcome to the course. We are happy to see you are here.

Before we get started, there are five important things to note about our courses:

  1. Lessons are as concise and to the point as they can be. We respect your time and we do not over-complicate things.
  2. Because of this, it is easy to go back to a lesson and get just the right information when you need it and we encourage you to do so.
  3. Each course is split into modules: groups of lessons with a common theme. At the end of a module is a quick test to see if you understood everything.
  4. The test is just for you to check your own skills. Tests are not mandatory and they will not gate you from the rest of the course.
  5. Screenshots and other images are clickable to show them in full size.
Try clicking on this example image to enlarge it.

Interactive Excel editor

We use an interactive Excel editor for this course. It is a great tool, as it allows you to try functions and formulas and immediately see their results.

However, it is not a replacement for Excel. It is a training tool and it does not have all of the functionality that Excel does. We are continuously working on getting it as close as possible to real Excel.

Spreadsheet editor

Closing thoughts

We hope you get a very large productivity boost from this course. If you notice anything wrong or if you would like to add anything, do not hesitate to contact us through the contact page.

Happy learning!

– The Spreadsheet Center team