​Learn Excel ​Quickly ​by ​Doing ​Instead of Reading

​About ​Spreadsheet Center

​​Spreadsheet Center is an Excel ​website run by me, Jannes Elings, to help you ​become ​a confident Excel user. I've created this ​site after ​teaching myself Excel ​using ​online tutorials and ​being disappointed ​by the way ​Excel ​is usually ​taught.

I know a ​few programming languages​, and from learning those, I've seen how ​technical topics can be ​explained better.

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​What's different ​about Spreadsheet Center?

The three things that make us different

1. Practical

Learn by doing​

​​​I believe that you learn the best when you can try things for yourself. That's why there are tests after every module of our courses. It's also why ​I've created an interactive spreadsheet editor with exercises to train your Excel ​skills.

​2. Concise

​I respect your time

​I keep ​the lessons and tutorials​ as concise as possible because ​I ​understand that you have other things to do. ​I promise you that you will never see a three minute introduction ​for any of our videos. If you do, send ​me a message because we may have been hacked 😉

​3. Efficient

​Thoughtful content

​Not every Excel feature is​ equally useful. Some features are very generally applicable and others are only very rarely handy. Especially in ​the courses, ​I focus ​attention on the surprisingly small portion of Excel that is ​used in real life situations ​most of the time.

Wh​o is Jannes?

Hi there! 👋 I'm Jannes Elings. I have a masters degree in Computer Science and I've been doing computer ​related things all my life. From making my own games to creating websites to programming desktop applications.

I also really enjoy teaching people new things. I especially love seeing the look in people's eyes when they realize the power they have when they write their first Excel formula.

​Excel and me

​I have been using Excel for years on and off​: I ​used Excel for my studies, I used Excel​ for personal finances and I used Excel for quick calculations. ​ But I had never really gotten into the real nitty-gritty of Excel until about a year ago, when I decided to really get good at it.

​Although honestly, I wouldn't say I am ​super good at it now. ​Because the more you learn about Excel the more you realize how little you know. However, you also learn what parts of Excel are important and what parts aren't. You can ​differentiate between the stuff that​ is necessary to know and the stuff that is nice to know.

​The Excel teaching world

I've also learned some programming languages (mostly C#, C++ and Python, for the nerds among us). Some of them I learned in university, most of them I learned online. When learning online, what I noticed was that the learning material for programming languages was a lot more practical than what was out there for Excel. You see a lot of training exercises and quizzes mixed in that Excel tutorials were completely lacking. It was as if the Excel teaching world had been standing still since the early 2000's.

I just felt like if I could combine these ideas I could create the ultimate Excel content. So that's when I decided to create a website with practical, concise and efficient Excel content.

Here are a few ​pages that can give you a good idea of what to expect on ​Spreadsheet Center:

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